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Detangling Foam Comb.

Introducing the BRAND NEW Detangling Foam Comb

Say hello to our brand-new Detangling Foam Comb, and kiss stubborn knots and tangles goodbye.

This innovative product is unlike anything else you’ve seen in the pet care industry. Its sleek design makes it handy for using on-the-go and perfect for camping trips and holidays. The 2-1 no-rinse solution hydrates, nourishes, and detangles the coat. Not only this, but it is quick and efficient at removing tangles without the need for water. Packed full of wheat protein, this product can help strengthen the hair shaft, provide moisture to the coat, prevent hair breakages, and provide a healthy shine.

The Detangling Foam Comb comes with a comb head which the solution foams out from. Simply brush this solution through the coat and feel the tangles loosen. Available in 4 scents: Baby Fresh, Lavender & Chamomile, Oatmeal, and Papaya & Coconut, and a fifth fragrance free option, you’ll be stuck for choice when choosing your Foam Comb.

Suitable for cats and dogs over 8 weeks old, this product is pH balanced, paraben free, and is made with Lake District water which leaves coats feeling silky soft. Perfect for longer haired or curly haired dogs and cats, this product will help keep your pet free from tangles smelling fantastic and feeling their best.

Treat your pet to an easy-peasy pamper with the all-new Detangling Foam Comb. For more no-rinse products, check out the Bugalugs Paw Cleaners. These come with a detachable silicone head, perfect for reaching those hard-to-reach places on the paws. For an all over body clean, check out the No-Rinse Shampoos.

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