Dog Safety at Christmas

The Christmas season is so exciting, the Christmas decorations are up, the festive treats are out, the presents are under the tree, and the fire is roaring. However, all these things can cause potential hazards for our furry friends, so it’s important that you take measures to keep your dog safe this Christmas season.

Christmas Decorations and Trees

  • Decorations and trees can topple over, so it’s important to secure trees and any larger decorations so that they are safe in the event your dog decides to investigate.
  • It might be a good idea to place ornaments higher up as these can be tempting for dogs to chew. This can lead to blockages, resulting in frightening vet visits.
  • Many Christmas decorations require electricity or candlelight. Ensure that cables are secure and are out of reach from any pets that may like to chew them. Similarly, ensure that any lit candles are out of reach from any inquisitive pets.
  • Some festive plants like Mistletoe and Holly are very toxic for dogs, so make sure that they are kept out of reach or perhaps opt for an alternative like plastic or paper versions of the plants.


Food Safety

  • Many goodies human’s like to enjoy around Christmas time can be extremely toxic to dogs. So it’s important to ensure that all chocolate, raisins, grapes, onions and some nuts are away from dogs and are stored somewhere where they cannot reach them.
  • Food waste from Christmas dinner can be tempting for your dog and maybe even yourself, what better way to get rid of the scraps than to give them to the dog, right? Well, this can cause gastrointestinal upset to your dog. Seasoned food, fat and bones can cause your dog to become unwell, and no one wants that. So, make sure you keep your dog safe this Christmas and avoid feeding them leftovers.



  • Christmas is the time for visiting family and friends, which means a lot more people are going to be around your dog. This may make them anxious or overexcited. It’s best to limit guests and perhaps use a relaxing supplement like the Bugalugs Hemp Oil to help your dog when it comes to situations that may make them anxious. The Hemp Oil would also be beneficial around New Years Eve when fireworks are expected, as these can often make pets anxious.
  • With more visitors coming by, it’s easier for your dog to escape through open doors. Ensure that doors are secure to prevent your furry friends from making a run for it.
  • Monitor your guests – some people do not know how to interact dogs and this might make your dog stressed. For example, children may play too rough with your dog or frequently try and pick them up. This can cause your dog pain and discomfort.
  • If you’re having guests over, make sure your dog has a quiet place to go if they feel a little overwhelmed.


So stay on the nice list this year and ensure that you keep your dog safe this Christmas. From all at Bugalugs, we hope you have a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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