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Jubilee Edition: The Story of Bugalugs a Best Selling UK Pet Care Brand

The Jubilee weekend is approaching, and everyone across Britain is preparing for the celebrations. Here at Bugalugs HQ, we pride ourselves on being a British Pet Care brand! Located in the UK Lake District, all our products are made in our very own UK factory. With Max (aka Bugalugs) running the show of course!

Unlike the queens 70 Year reigns Bugalugs has only been around for close to 2 years and has already seen a lot of success. The UK Pet Care Brand started when Managing Director Lee decided he wanted to create a new shampoo for our beloved max. Lee set out to create a safe and transparent dog shampoo that everyone could feel safe using on their pups!

It was then in 2020 when the first Bugalugs Shampoo hit the Pet Care Market, which was of course no other than our best-selling Baby Fresh Shampoo! I can smell the nostalgic scent of Baby Powder just reading this! After a successful one-year reign in 2021 more shampoos were added to the line. Since then, the brand has continued to see growing success across the UK. The range now includes 11 shampoos, 9 sprays, 2 detangles, 2 balms & an ear cleaner with many new products to come!

What makes Bugalugs So Pawsome?

Firstly, let’s start with the name! A very Northern England Term that about 50% of our audience tells us was their childhood nickname from a family member (including myself). The products are even better. Every Bugalugs Product is, vegan, cruelty free and made in the UK using Water from the UK Lake District, A UNESCO World Heritage Site! Each Bugalugs Product has its own unique benefits for all coat types, as well as its own bold, shimmering colour! What more could you want from our UK pet care product…

Well, we have more, so don’t worry! After securing listings with well know retailers such as Pets At Home, Jollyes, Mole Valley, Just for Pets and wholesalers, Vital Pets and Best Pets, we released our unique colours stand out from the crowd! Our colourful range of shampoos are packed with goodness and are brighter than any other packing we have seen! The bold colours make each product distinguished and fun, representing the attitude of our very own Max!

We certainly can’t forget the packaging too! Bugalugs 500ml shampoo’s all come with an easy to use, reusable pump! When talking to our customers it was clear that this handy pump is a winner. Perfect for combating difficult bath times particularly for the parents of pup’s that love to make a splash during washes.

Every Shampoo bottle is also packaged in a recycled plastic bottle that is 100% recyable. Our eco conscious brand believe that reducing plastic consumption is important. As a result, We even offer refill sizes (1 & 5 litres) to encourage customers to refill there smaller bottles that includes the reusable pump. Friendly on your dog’s skin and the environment – a winning combination for sure!

Try Bugalugs Pet Care Products Now!

Why not try the products for yourself! We suggest trying our brand new summer range. Especially the Aloe & Kiwi Shampoo & Matching Cologne, Our Maxi White Shampoo & our new Pineapple & Passionfruit Cologne.

If these aren’t for you we have a wide range of Pet Care Products for you to try today!

Bugalugs Pet Care Range

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