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Summertime offers the perfect opportunity to explore the great outdoors. Yet, it also brings the unwelcome presence of pollen, fleas, ticks, and other nasties. To help you and your pet make the most of these adventures while staying safe, clean, and bacteria-free, we’ve compiled some tips for a worry-free outdoor experience.

Staying Clean!

Much to our dismay, pets often love getting into messy situations. They always manage to find the dirtiest thing on the ground and proceed to roll in it… multiple times. No matter how much we shout ‘No!’ the rolling continues, because, well… it’s their nature and they’re LOVING every second of it! Who are we to spoil their fun?

Luckily, we know dogs and we know their weird, yet no doubt, passionate obsession with fox poo. That’s why we have our Stinky Dog Shampoo. The Stinky Dog shampoo contains poo remover and odour neutraliser, making the post ‘poo-roll’ clean up that little bit easier for the unamused pawrents out there. The Bergamot Orange fragrance will make your pet smell fruity fresh in no time. So, next time your pet rolls in something nasty, don’t panic! We’ve got your back. Why not try the Stinky Dog Deodoriser to freshen up the coat between washes and prolong that fruity fragrance all summer long? Enriched with pro-vitamin B5, the cologne will hydrate, soothe and promote shine in your dog’s coat.

If your dog is more of a stroller than a roller, why not try our innovative No-Rinse Paw Cleaners? The paw cleaners are available in 4 scents: Baby Fresh, Lavender and Chamomile, Oatmeal, and Papaya and Coconut. The Paw Cleaners contain a no-rinse solution which means that you can clean paws on the go – perfect for keeping in the car, taking camping, or having by your door for a quick, post walk clean-up. They even come with a removable silicone head, making them easy to clean after use.


Fleas and Ticks

Unfortunately, the warmer temperatures during spring and summer often bring out unwanted pests. Fleas and ticks are more prevalent during the warmer months and therefore precautions should be taken to help prevent these pests from getting onto your pet’s skin and coat. Our Flea and Tick Spray is a great product to use for flea and tick prevention. It contains Neem Oil which is often regarded as natures answer to the war against these annoying pests (Business Insider, 2022). The Flea and Tick spray can be used daily as part of your flea and tick care routine, it should be sprayed onto the coat before and after walks to aid in the avoidance of fleas and ticks. Similarly, our Flea and Tick Shampoo also contains Neem Oil and is beneficial in washing fleas and ticks from the coat. Both the shampoo and spray can be used in conjunction with other flea and tick products; so, fear not, four-legged friends. Bound in that long-grass, free from the worry of what’s lurking beneath. We’ve got you covered!

Flea and Tick Shampoo and Spray held in-front of a Lake.

Now, for the pawrents!

Pets aren’t the only ones who enjoy the great outdoors. The spring and summer months are a glorious time of year for us pawrents too! It offers the perfect opportunity to socialise outdoors, go on longer walks and of course, enjoy your garden/outdoor spaces. Unfortunately, those outdoors spaces also double-up as our pet’s toilet. Obviously, this is going to leave behind foul smells, bacteria, and stains. As a company ran by pet parents, we know this, we know of its annoyance, and we are here to help! That’s why we’ve developed our Artificial Grass Cleaner. A wonderous product, that helps to tackle bacteria, stains and odours on outdoors spaces. This product is suitable for use on decking, patios, yards, and artificial grass. Simply dilute the solution 10/1 and sprinkle on the area you want to clean, work in the solution with a hard brush, and rinse away with clean water. The solution will help promote a bacteria-free, fresher smelling outdoor area whilst also removing stains. So, fear not, that BBQ can go-ahead without worry, unless of course, you’re cooking!

Max the Spaniel with the Artificial Grass Cleaner bottle in-front.

Learn to the Love Outdoors with these summer essentials and fear not, we’ve got you covered!

We’ll even throw in a 5% off discount… what are friends for?!

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