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Neem oil, an age-old ingredient, but what is it and why will it benefit my dog?

If you are following the Bugalugs Brand you will be aware of our new product release, our flea and tick shampoo! You may also know the key ingredient in this shampoo is neem oil, an age-old ingredient used to kill and repel nasty pests and much more.

If you did not know this, do not worry! That is what we are here for, to unpack the benefits of neem oil – the key ingredient in our new Flea & Tick dog shampoo. So why is this natural ingredient so beneficial for my dog?

Neem, what does it even mean for my dog?!

Neem is a natural herb known for its anti-bacterial, pesticidal and insecticidal properties. The extract comes from the seeds of the tree and has many different traditional uses for both humans and dogs.

The medical herb has been used in remedies dating back thousands of years. Yet it is still popular amongst dog parents today! This nontoxic herb is an alternative to medications that tackles issues such as fleas, ticks and other pesticides.

If you know neem oil, you can probably smell it whilst reading this sentence! The strong scent is down to the powerful makeup of the oil. If you can smell the neem oil then it just means the product will be effective. After all, it is this strong smell and taste that discourages your dog from licking and biting sore itchy spots.

Taking all this into consideration, Neem oil is often used within pet care products. Particularly in medical remedies for dogs and is packed with benefits.

Neem Oil For Dog's Shampoo

But wait… what are the benefits of neem oil?

One of the most common uses of neem oil for dogs is as a natural pesticide and insect repellent.  Neem effectively repels and kills, mites, lice, fleas and ticks and warn off unwanted insects. The oil is completely non-toxic and safe for our dogs too!

Flea & Tick shampoo is completely nontoxic, which is great, as many medical alternatives are packed with harsh chemicals that can unfortunately make a dog poorly. Neem oil is known for its strong scent and bitter taste, and this is for a reason; to stop dogs wanting to bite and lick irritated skin. However, if they do decide to lick or bite with diluted neem oil on their coat, don’t worry! You can relax knowing your dog will be safe, thanks to neem oils non-toxic trait.

Neem oil is not just for killing and repelling unwanted pests! Its anti-fungal properties allow this herb to quickly treat conditions such as, ringworm, atopic dermatitis, and other fungal infections. Combined with its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antiviral properties, it can also be applied to fight off infections and microbes that cause itching, whilst relieving itchiness caused by food allergies, dry spots and bites.

Additionally, when neem oil is applied regularly, it is absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin and gives dogs protection from further infections or infestations for longer periods of time. It has also been shown to support blood purification, support the liver, and improve your dog’s immune system whist promoting a healthy coat with the oil’s added omega 9 benefits.

How do Bugalugs use neem oil?

Bugalugs knows that Neem oil is safer and works best diluted in a shampoo, and combined with other beneficial ingredients. This is why we have carefully selected the perfect amount as the key ingredient in our new Flea and Tick Formula. We then combined it with all natural ingredients to effectively improve your dog’s skin and coat. After all, dog parents know a happy dog, makes a happy life!

All these fantastic benefits can be found in our New Flea and Tick Shampoo! It is formulated with Neem oil and other natural ingredients, such as Eucalyptus, to soothe the skin, and Lavender, to add a fresh scent and stop eggs from hatching.

Get your paws on it now starting at only £7.99 for 500ml on our Bugalugs website!









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