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At Bugalugs we are cruelty free organisation and therefore we want to ensure that all our dogs are always happy and healthy! This means going the extra mile to produce products such as our nose and paw balm for dogs that helps relieve damaged skin, leaving them comforted and well.

Bugalugs Nose and Paw Balm’s key use is to soothe and relieve dry cracked paws and noses of our four-legged friends. Our balm is manufactured in the UK and is cruelty free and vegan providing a unique beneficial product in many ways for you and your dog. Bugalugs Nose and Paw Balm comes in our oatmeal fragrance with all the added benefits of our oatmeal shampoos. This oatmeal formula is a blend of soothing ingredients that nourishes and calms dogs’ discomfort from dry skin that may be caused in harsh weather or from everyday adventures.

The Bugalugs Nose and Paw Balm comes in a sleek compacted tub meaning its ready to use wherever you go for those emergency moments where your dog may feel discomfort. The light formula is smooth and easy to apply to your dog’s paws and nose wherever you are providing that quick fix for you and your dog. The application of this product is simple and completely up to you! All you need to do is ensure the area is clean and dry and then apply. We recommend applying a small pea sized amount to the paws or noses and gently message the product in to reduce irritation of that dry and cracked skin.

Overall, The Bugalugs Dog Paw and Nose Balm is an easy-to-use dog care product that helps to soothe and relieve dry and cracked skin on all dog breeds. This product is an essential for dogs that are prone to these sometimes painful discomfits or just an extra touch to add to any dogs grooming routine to leave them healthy and lively just as it should be.

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