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Ear Care

Soothe, calm, and cleanse your pet’s ears with our range of dogs ear care products dedicated to maintaining your dog’s ear health. Here at Bugalugs we understand that we want the very best pet care products for our dogs to ensure they are happy and healthy. This includes looking after their ears effectively as this is often an area prone to itching and the build-up of dirt.

Taking this into consideration, Bugalugs offers a range of dogs ear care products including our Oatmeal shampoo range to target dry and itchy skin on external areas of the ears and our new dog ear cleaning solution to target dirt build up and bad odours that may occur inside the ears. Effectively, reducing discomfort and preventing irritation.

Like all our other products, the Bugalugs range of ear wash for dogs is vegan, cruelty free, and made in the UK, with the highest quality naturally derived ingredients. Each Bugalugs product is formulated with no harsh chemicals to ensure they gentle on the ears as we know this is a delicate area.

£7.99 inc VAT