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Sun Care for Dogs

Just like human skin, dogs also need protection from the sun. Their skin can suffer from sun burn and sun damage, so it’s up to us to help them through this the best that we can. Obviously, prevented is key! So, try your best to keep your dog out of the sun and avoid walking them during the peak exposure times (usually around midday). Make sure to use a good, dog-friendly sun cream to prevent nasty sunburn and harmful UV rays from penetrating your dog’s skin. Finally, ensure you have a plan in place in the event your pet is exposed to excessive sun. That’s where we can help!

After Sun Care for Dogs

Aloe Vera Gel

Skin can become red and sore if you’ve spent a little too much time in the sun. A fantastic ingredient to help with after sun care for Dogs is Aloe Vera. Just like humans, dogs can experience similar sunburn symptoms and our Aloe Vera Gel can aid in cooling their skin and soothing any pain associated with sunburn. Not only this, but the Aloe Vera Gel can help rehydrate the skin and provide it with essential vitamins and natural antioxidants to help repair the skin quicker. The Aloe Vera Gel can also aid in soothing stings, bites, and rashes – making it a perfect summer essential to have for your pet.


Combatting Hot Spots

It’s important to cool and repair sunburnt skin as quick as possible. This is because dogs typically excessively lick tender areas to make them feel better. This can often lead to things such as Hot Spots. Hot Spots occur when dogs scratch, lick, or bite an area frequently causing a break in the skin. If their skin is sore from sun exposure and you aren’t trying to combat the symptoms of sunburn, then the chances of your pet doing this is greater. Therefore, we have our Hot Spot Antiseptic Spray to help. This spray is antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral and can help to combat infections caused from Hot Spots, the spray also helps to clean the area and can encourage the healing process.


Another great way to aid pawly skin and encourage the healing process from both sunburn and hot spots is the Medi-Fresh shampoo. This shampoo is packed full of tea-tree to help tackle itching, soothe dry and irritated skin, reduce redness, and decrease surface bacteria. It also contains aloe vera, to help hydrate and cool the skin, colloidal oatmeal to lock in moisture and reduce inflammation, and other essential oils to aid in healing pawly skin.

For a fruiter scented shampoo, why not try the Aloe and Kiwi? Perfect for rehydrating the skin and coat, this shampoo is a great summer essential and is formulated to help remove stains and relieve dry and itchy skin, decrease dandruff, and make your dog smell fantastic for days after use. For in-between washes, the Aloe and Kiwi Cologne is perfect! Simply spray on your dog’s coat t keep them smelling fresh all summer long. Made with pro-vitamin B5, the cologne will not only keep your dog smelling beautiful, but it will also help to nourish the skin and coat, reduce itching, odours, and dryness, all whilst promoting the coat’s shine.


Nose and Paws Care

Paws are usually regarded as a winter concern and it’s easy to forget about them during the summertime. However, it’s important to check your dog’s paws all year around and ensure that they are kept healthy. Thorns, stones and rubbish can be loitering on the ground waiting for your pet to step on. Just yesterday, Chelsea, our Marketing Executive, had a scare when her dog, Sarge, stepped on a large thorn. The thorn had to be carefully removed from his paw, leaving a small wound. Fortunately, our Nose and Paw spray came to the rescue, ensuring the wound was perfectly cleaned and Sarge was back on his paws in no time. This spray is antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral, giving Sarge the protection he needed against infection and soreness. The Nose and Paw spray is perfect for keeping paws clean, reducing inflammation and soreness, and combatting bacteria or yeast on the paws. This spray can also be used on the nose and is great for stings, cuts, grazes and minor wounds.

Checking the paws regularly is a great routine to get into as this will allow you to get to know what’s normal for your dog; what type of paws they have, how they should feel and if there are any irregularities. Often, dog’s paws can become dry or cracked and although this is more common in the winter, it’s not unheard of in the summertime. Therefore, it’s important to keep on top of your pet’s paws with a good balm. This will help to lock in moisture and ensure that your pet’s paws remain crack free. Our Nose and Paw Balm is perfect for this and can be used all year around. The balm offers a layer of protection against the elements and is perfect for keeping your dog’s nose and paws hydrated and free from any cracks or sores.


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