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Here at Bugalugs we believe that comforted, healthy dogs make happy owners; as we all just want the best for our four-legged best friends. This means providing our dogs with products that have the best ingredients and leave them with a happy and fresh glow.

Bugalugs dog detangling spray offers a solution to their matted and discomforted coats through using natural ingredients in our vegan formulas that provide only the best for our dogs!

Bugalugs detanglers allow owners to tame unruly hairs, making grooming easier and enhancing shine with our light, gentle, hydrating, and nourishing formulas. Our Vegan naturally derived formulas are PH Balanced and suitable for all breeds and puppies over 8 weeks. These anti-tangle sprays help to remove knots and tangles from a dog’s coat through conditioning and nourishing their hair. When used regularly, this dog detangling spray can also prevent further matting. There is no need for a bad hair day with our Bugalugs dog detangler.

Bugalugs detangling sprays are available in different fragrances too! Not only will these sprays leave your dog’s coat looking and feeling amazing, but they will leave them smelling amazing too with our long-lasting scents. These fragrances include our bestselling Baby Fresh scent and our ordinary hydrating fragrance that provides a fresh clean scent to your pet’s coat.

All our Bugalugs Detangling sprays are manufactured in the UK and come in a 200ml and a 5 Litre refill bottle depending on your needs. Our 200ml bottles are reusable and easy to use! All, you need to do is lightly spray the detangler over your dog’s fur to tease out knots and tangles with a brush. The sprays can be used on wet or dry hair and there is no rinsing involved to make grooming easier for you and your dog.

The Bugalugs Dog Detangling Sprays can be used as part of a grooming routine or in between washes to keep your pooch looking healthy and fresh. With their long-lasting fragrance, natural vegan formula and easy to use spritz bottle, these sprays will provide all puppy and dog breeds with a healthy glowing coat and owners with an easy solution to their grooming problems.

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£6.99 inc VAT
£6.99 inc VAT