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Allergy Essentials

Allergy Essentials Allergy season can be challenging for both pets and their owners. Watching our fur babies suffer from allergies is tough, and we want to do everything possible to ease their discomfort. However, figuring out how to help them can be tricky and overwhelming. Thankfully, we’ve put together a list of allergy essentials to […]

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How Can I Control my Dog’s Shedding?

Seasonal Shedding – Explained. Dogs usually shed heavily in the spring as they lose their winter coat to make way for their summer fur. Shedding tends to decrease during the summer but picks up again at the end of the season as they transition to their thicker winter coat. However, if your dog spends most […]

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Travel Essential Pet Supplies

Travel Essentials Are you planning an adventure with your furry companion? Whether you’re off to explore the great outdoors on a camping trip or enjoying the luxury of a high-end hotel, we have the perfect travel essentials to ensure a stress-free getaway. Our collection of travel-friendly products is designed to keep your pet happy and […]

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Love Outdoors

Love Outdoors Summertime offers the perfect opportunity to explore the great outdoors. Yet, it also brings the unwelcome presence of pollen, fleas, ticks, and other nasties. To help you and your pet make the most of these adventures while staying safe, clean, and bacteria-free, we’ve compiled some tips for a worry-free outdoor experience. Staying Clean! […]

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Detangling Foam Comb.

Introducing the BRAND NEW Detangling Foam Comb Say hello to our brand-new Detangling Foam Comb, and kiss stubborn knots and tangles goodbye. This innovative product is unlike anything else you’ve seen in the pet care industry. Its sleek design makes it handy for using on-the-go and perfect for camping trips and holidays. The 2-1 no-rinse solution […]


Best in Breed

Best in Breed Get your Dog smelling their best with our brand-new Best In Breed dog Shampoo. This luxurious scent is bound to get heads turning. Made with activated charcoal this shampoo helps to remove impurities, neutralise bad odours, and brighten both white and coloured coats. Not only this, but the Best in Breed shampoo […]