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Build a Christmas Eve Box For your Dog – A Bugalugs, Pooch & Mutt & Cocopup Guide

Santa Paws is coming to town, and what better way to spread the Christmas cheer than creating your pooch the pawfect Christmas Eve Box. This new canine craze allows us pawrents to extend the Christmas magic to our furry friends – a craze the Bugalugs team can defiantly get behind.

We know finding the right gift for our pups can be overwhelming. That’s why Bugalugs have teamed up with Pooch & Mutt and Cocopup to help you create a tail wagging box filled with your festive scents, delicious cheesy treats, and trendy walking accessories!

Paws, Paper & Boxes – How to begin creating your pup’s Christmas Eve Box

Here at Bugalugs we love colourful & fun packaging – can you tell? Start your Christmas Eve box off right, by finding a festive themed box that you love. This could be a simple cardboard box, that the little ones will love too. A reusable personalised box (for all the other Bugalugs out there) – also pawfect for storing those important squeaky toys. Or… For those dog parents that like to be paws on – you can even make it yourself!

Now for the fun part – the festive treats that fill the box…

The Ultimate Bugalugs Christmas

The Christmas eve bath is an essential festive tradition, and Bugalugs have just launched our brand-new Christmas Range to get your pup in the festive spirit.

Top Tip – whilst the bath is running why not give your pup their day 24 treat from Pooch & Mutts Cheese Fondue Advent Calendar (the pawfect treat before bath time).

Once the bath is ready, and your pup has had their treat, it’s time to wash them in Bugalugs Christmas Shampoo. You know your pup more than anyone else, and that’s why we have created two magical scents. Cranberry & Mistletoe Shampoo for pups that love a festive fruity scent or Gingerbread Shampoo for those pups that love a festive spice fragrance.

Now your pup is squeaky clean, feeling fresh and dry – you can spray them in Bugalugs matching festive colognes Cranberry & Mistletoe Cologne or Gingerbread Cologne. The pawfect combo for a magical festive night.

Bugalugs Gingerbread Duo Blog Bugalugs Cranberry & Mistletoe Duo Blog

Cocopup Cosy Christmas Reindeer Drying Robe

The fun doesn’t stop there, It’s Christmas Eve Pyjama time! In many households, Christmas eve pyjamas are a must and that should include our beloved pups. Cocopup have created the cutest Reindeer Drying Robe to keep your pup looking adorable and dry. Designed with super simple Velcro patches for easy fastening and adjustable sizes. This festive robe is the pawfect combination of practical and cosy for the ultimate Christmas eve chill.

Be prepared for that Christmas eve walk too with Cocopups’ gorgeous range of dog accessories and leads. Don’t forget to use XMASEVE25 at checkout for an amazing 25% off all your Christmas orders! (Valid Sitewide until 31st January)

Cocopup Dog Image Cocopup Reindeer Robe ImageReindeer Dog Robe Size

Pooch & Mutt, The Festive Cheesy Treats

It wouldn’t be Christmas Eve without a tasty treat before bed, whilst the humans have their hot chocolate, why not give your pup a special Pooch & Mutt Christmas cheese fondue treat.

This year Pooch & Mutt Ski-lodge kitchen is open, and they are serving luxurious gooey cheese fondue festive flavours in a range of different treats so there is something for every dog.

Why not fill your dog’s Christmas Eve Box with their nutritional Cheese Fondue Dental Sticks or Meaty Treats for a mouth-watering treat before Santa paw arrives. Don’t forget to use code BUGALUGS25 for 25% of everything sitewide (until 31st January) – including their Ski-sonal Dog Christmas Gift Box & Luxury Dental Stick Advent Calendar.

Pooch & Mutt Cheese Fondue Advent Calendar  Pooch & Mutt Cheese Fondue Dental Sticks Image


Now you have made your Christmas Eve Box and your pup is cosy – All there is left to do is to wait to hear Santa paws coming down the chimney.

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