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Ear & Eye Dog Wipes – Your dog’s new essentials from Bugalugs Pet Care

Our dog’s being full of life and bouncing around brings joy to all of our hearts. However, we all know how frustrating it can be when they do this whenever a grooming product comes into their site. For Bugalugs this is something we are always conscious of when creating our products.

We always strive to make our pet care products simple to use for both our Homans friends and our four-legged ones. This is the exact reason our shampoos have an easy to use dispense pump and a key reason for our brand-new easy to use Ear & Eye Dog Wipes!

The New Eye & Ear Dog Wipes

Our new Ear and Eye Dog Wipes are an essential for any dog’s grooming routine. These biodegradable wipes are pre-soaked and textured for a quick and effective clean. Both sets of wipes are pre-soaked in vegan and cruelty free formulas that have been created using naturally derived ingredients. This magical combination of ingredients ensures these wipes are safe for your dog’s coat and skin. An especially important factor, as we all know how nerve-wracking washing around our pups’ eyes and ears can be.

Tear Stain Eye Wipes

Remove Tear Stains with a simple and effective wipe. Bugalugs have taken out the mess and made it simple with these pre-soaked, essential Eye Wipes. Formulated with a soothing combination of evening primrose and passionflower this naturally derived formula gently removes Tear Stains & debris from around the eyes. Simply wipe away the residue and build up to replenish the coat and restore vibrancy back to your dog’s facial area. It’s that easy!

Overall, it is safe to say that washing around your dog’s eyes can always be a daunting task. With these safe and effective wipes, you can take nerves our of the equation and help protect your dog’s eyes from further build up.

Soothing Ear Wipes

Are you all ears? Bugalugs certainly are with these Soothing Ear Wipes. Some may argue that the dog’s ears are there most adorable features, but they are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning. This is often due to nerves regarding what you are putting on your pups’ ears, as they are sensitive areas after all. Bugalugs new soothing Ear wipes, are an easy and safe solution to this problem.

Pre-soaked in our naturally derived formula Bugalugs Soothing Ear Wipes allows you to wipe away any debris or dirt from around the ears. This simple step added to your dog’s grooming routine can help reduce irritation and scratching, therefore, lowering the risk of infections. A win for everyone we would say!

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