Flea & Tick Awareness Week 2024

Flea and Ticks – Every Pet and Pawrents Enemy

Fleas and Ticks are common pests for pets, (especially in Spring and Summer), and can irritate your pet and cause excessive itching and areas of sensitivity. On top of this, flea and tick bites and infestations can lead to more serious illness which may require a costly visit to the vet. That’s why prevention is key for pet parents, wherever possible, and what better time to talk about prevention than during Flea and Tick Awareness week?

Bugalugs Flea and Tick Care

We can’t claim to be the solution to all your Flea and Tick problems, but we can tell you about our range of products designed with Flea and Tick care in mind!

Flea and Tick Shampoo for Cats and Dogs

Our Bugalugs Flea and Tick shampoo was designed to offer a delicate formula that cares for your pet, as well as offering a helping hand keeping pesky pests in check, by including the key ingredient – Neem Oil. It’s available for both dogs and cats, both pH balanced, paraben free and made with Lake District water which leaves coats feeling soft and silky.

Our Flea and Tick shampoo smells divine and will leave your pet’s coat smelling fantastic for days after use. Why not integrate our flea and tick shampoo with a De-shedding comb? This combination could facilitate grooming while applying the shampoo.

What is Neem Oil?

What is Neem Oil? Neem oil is a natural insect repellent1, the smell disturbs flea and tick feeding and reproductive patterns and will repel other pests from the coat. Not only this, but neem oil is a natural moisturiser which helps to soothe the skin after insect bites. It really is a wonderous ingredient.

Plus… our Flea and Tick shampoo smells divine and will leave your pet’s coat smelling fantastic for days after use. Why not integrate the flea and tick shampoo with a Deshedding comb?

Flea and Tick Awareness - Bugalugs Pet Care Pet Products

Flea and Tick Antiseptic Spray

Regularly inspecting your pet for indications of fleas and ticks is crucial. Additionally, be vigilant in checking for bites and any signs of infection, as bites from fleas and ticks can become sore and infected. A handy way to cleanse bites and soothe irritated skin is with our Bugalugs Flea and Tick Antiseptic Spray. This spray helps to combat insect bites and itching that may occur due to skin irritation.

Prevention is Key!

Preventing fleas and ticks should be an essential part of your Dog’s weekly/monthly routine. Ensure, you regularly check your dog’s coat and consult your vet if you have any concerns. Don’t forget, that Ticks in particular, love warm cosy spaces, so remember to check inside your pet’s ears, armpits and hips. If your pet does happen to get an unwelcome visitor, here’s the RSPCA’s2 tip for removal:

Tick Prevention Tips

Shop our Flea & Tick Care range now and save 10% of using FLEA10 – Valid for use until 31st March 2024.



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