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Halloween and your Dog – Your how to guide

Halloween is an exciting season; autumn is upon us, and Christmas is around the corner. It’s a fantastically frightening time for the whole family, including the dog! Picking out your Halloween costume can take time, will you be Superman, Wonder Woman or will you be Batman with your pooch acting as your little sidekick!? The possibilities are endless on Halloween night, but you need to make sure that you and your dog are prepared.

Dressing up your Dog for Halloween: Best Practice.

To help you prepare for the spooky season, we’ve put together a few tips to better yours and your dog’s experience at Halloween:

  • Get your dog’s costume early!

Your dog might not be used to wearing clothes, this may be confusing for them and may make them stressed. Therefore, it’s important to get them used to their costume before the big day. Lay out the costume and allow them to sniff it and become familiar with it.

  • Reward your Dog.

Your dog needs to know that the costume is a good thing. Reinforcing their interest in the costume with treats can help to reassure them about it.

  • Once the costume is on, allow the dog to get used to it and take frequent breaks.

Try not to keep the costume on for more than 10-15min at a time (at first). This gives the dog the opportunity to get used to wearing the costume and gives you the chance to see if it’s comfortable for your dog (e.g. not too small, no choking hazards, not too heavy). Again, reinforce this with treats to show them that this is a good thing.

  • Try taking your dog for a walk wearing his/her costume.

By doing this, you can get the dog more used to the costume in different environments. Again, reinforce the wearing of it with treats.

Bugalugs Halloween

Set the Mood!

The run up to Halloween is exciting; the pumpkin spiced lattes are flowing, the dark nights are here and the flicker of the tealights inside carved out pumpkins light the dark autumn streets.  So why wouldn’t you enrich your senses with our limited-edition Pumpkin Latte shampoo and cologne, so that your dog can also join in with the festivities of Halloween.

Bugalugs Pumpkin Latte ShampooThe Bugalugs Pumpkin Latte shampoo is a fangtastic concoction of: nutmeg, cardamom, orange, lemon, cedarwood and ginger essential oils. The PH balanced formula removes dirt and grease, leaving your pets coat spooktacularly clean and irresistibly soft, all ready for the big day.

Bugalugs Pumpkin Latte Cologne – Keep the magic alive between washes with our enchanting cologne potion. Aloe Vera and Pro-vitamin B5 nourish the coat, while the Pumpkin Latte fragrance leaves your pet smelling like a crisp autumn day. Spray on after grooming or anytime for long-lasting freshness. It’s vegan, pH balanced, and tested by humans, never animals.

Embrace the spirit of the season and pamper your pet with this hauntingly delightful product. With water sourced from the Lake District, your dog will experience a truly magical grooming routine. Not to mention, your house will be left smelling very festive!

Keeping Your Dog Safe.

The safety of your beloved pets should always be your number one priority and Halloween is no different, so here’s a few tips to ensure the safety of your dog(s).

  • Make sure all sweets and chocolate are kept out of reach.

Kids and adults alike love the yummies Halloween allows us to indulge in, but these are highly toxic for dogs. Therefore, making sure that these are out of their reach should be a priority in ensuring the safety of your pooch at Halloween time.

  • Make sure your decorations are well secured and out of reach.

Halloween can pose many health risks for your dog. By nature, they are very inquisitive and explore the World with their nose and mouth. So, if you’re decorating your home this Halloween, make sure that decorations are placed out of reach or are secure to avoid your dog getting hold of them. This avoids frightening trips to the vet!

  • Keep lit pumpkins away for your dog.

This one goes without explaining. Lit tealights inside carved pumpkins can pose serious risks to pets and should always be kept out of reach and away from them. In addition to this, ingesting candle wax can cause tummy issues and cause serious harm to your dog’s digestion system.

  • Keep dogs away from the door!

With many spooky visitors at Halloween, escape artists can often try to make a break for it. So, make sure your dogs are kept away from the door!

Fun things to try at Halloween.

Make your Halloween memorable and try something new! Why not make some Pumpkin cookies for your dog?!

Pumpkin is a healthy snack for your dog, but like everything, it must be given in moderation. Click here to access a great, healthy pumpkin cookie recipe for your dog.

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