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How to Clean a Dog’s Ears

Having a clean and healthy dog is essential for any paw-fect pet owner. Unfortunately, taking care of a dog’s ears can sometimes be overlooked. This is a mistake, as dirty ears can lead to serious health problems (and expensive vets bills, eek!). Cleaning your their ears regularly is a crucial part of maintaining their health and wellbeing. Here are some tips on how to clean them, as well as why it is important.

Why do They Smell?

Dogs, like humans, produce ear wax and other gunk in their ears. This wax and gunk can build up over time, resulting in a stinky odour. Left unchecked, this buildup can also lead to infection. In addition, dirt, debris, and parasites can accumulate in the ears, leading to further problems. Spaniels like our very own Max can be particularly susceptible due to their floppy ears and love of adventuring through the woods! 

How to Clean Dog’s Ears

The first step to cleaning your dog’s ears is to buy a good quality ear cleaner. Make sure to look for one that is designed specifically for dogs, as some products designed for humans can be too harsh for your pup’s delicate ears. You can also use dog ear wipes, which are great for a quick cleanse. Bugalugs ear cleaner and ear wipes are specially formulated to reduce odour and itching while removing wax and debris.

Once you have the proper cleaner, you will want to fill the ear with the solution. You should do this gently and be careful not to go too deep. Once the solution is in the ear, massage the base of the ear to help loosen any build up.

After a few minutes, you can use a cotton ball or soft cloth to wipe away the excess wax and gunk. Make sure to not go too deep into the ear, as this can cause discomfort for your dog. If you are having trouble getting all the wax out, you can use a syringe to flush the ear with solution.

How Often Should You Clean Dog’s Ears

It is important to clean your dog’s ears on a regular basis. Generally, this should be done every week or two. 

It is also important to pay attention to your dog’s ears. If you notice that your dog’s ears are producing excess wax or have an unpleasant odour, you may need to clean them more often. If they also love getting dirty and running through shrubbery you mean need to clean out the dirt and debris more frequently to prevent infection.

Cleaning your dog’s ears is an important part of their health and wellbeing. By using the right cleaner and cleaning your dog’s ears on a regular basis, you can make sure that your pet stays healthy and happy. With the right products and regular cleanings, you can ensure that your dog’s ears stay clean and healthy.

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