Bugalugs Luxury Dog Grooming Products One in a Million

New: Bugalugs Luxury One in a Million Shampoo and Cologne!

Calling all the pampered pooches and Paw-fect dog owners out there! We, dog owners, know that our four-legged best friends deserve the same luxury treatment that we humans do… well they probably deserve it more in most cases. This can be hard to find in the pet care industry – knowing which luxury dog grooming products to use that are kind to your dog and the environment but also not breaking the bank can be a mind-boggling task.

With extensive research from our marketing team, we found that dog owners are constantly on the lookout for easy-to-use luxury dog grooming products that leave their dogs feeling and smelling amazing – banishing those nasty dog smells that we all know too well! We at Bugalugs know that bath time shouldn’t be a battle (although some naughty pups might disagree) and our dogs deserve to feel luxurious too! That’s why we made our new Bugalugs One in a Million Range! For all those golden dogs out there.

One in a Million - Bugalugs Luxury Dog Grooming Products Range

Pampered Pups in a One in Million Designer Shampoo

Our One in a million Bugalugs range offers an array of benefits for our golden good boys and girls! Starting with our new One in a Million Shampoo – with a unique designer fragrance this shampoo will have any breed of dog crying out to be bathed, rather than the usual bath time wars! The dispense pump makes this shampoo easier to use. You will find one small pump goes a long way, especially good for those adventurous dogs that love a good roll around in the mud when they go exploring!

Infused with Orange, Lemon, and Nutmeg essential oils that cleanse and soothe the skin this PH balanced Shampoo will leave your best friends smelling amazing and looking shinier than ever! You won’t be able to resist dog cuddles when they smell this good!

Designer Fragrances and cleansed and conditioned coats are not the only added benefits to this shampoo! Just like all our Bugalugs range this shampoo is vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free and made with water from the lake district! All our shampoo bottles are recyclable and easy to refill with our 5-litre bottles too! We honestly would give this shampoo the golden stamp of approval!

You can grab your own 500ml One in a Million Shampoo bottle for only £6.99 on our website now but there is more! We also offer a One in a Million Cologne!

Freshen up with a One in a Million Cologne

Keep your dog smelling amazing in-between washes with our new rich One in a Million Cologne. With an easy-to-use bottle and luxury long-lasting fragrance, your dog will be smelling irresistible all year around because who doesn’t love extra dog cuddles! Formulated with essential oils and Aloe Vera our vegan cologne will nourish and freshen up your dog’s coat – resulting in a shiny glow! Available for only £5.99 for 200ml what could go wrong!

Combined with our one in a million shampoo this new luxury dog grooming products range will keep your best friends smelling and feeling golden!

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