Bugalugs No Rinse Paw Cleaner

No Rinse Paw Cleaner – Bugalugs Newest Addition

Bugalugs Paw Cleaner: Say goodbye to muddy paws.

If your dog is anything like Bugalug’s CEO Max, then they’ll love getting into mischief. This mischief usually consists of finding the muddiest puddle out there and running through it five-thousand times, until all that’s left is a big muddy mess. Although we love seeing him have fun, the clean-up operation isn’t as fun for us!

The New No Rinse Paw Cleaner!

Our brand-new Paw Cleaner has become the new essential when it comes to dog walking, grooming, and cleaning up after Max’s mischief. No more muddy paws! That’s right, the Bugalugs paw cleaner quickly does away with any dirt collecting around your dog’s paws. The paw cleaner is quick, efficient, yet gentle and cleans your dog’s paws with ease. The foamy solution gets into all those nooks and crannies with help from the specially designed soft silicone brush head, which comes as part of the bottle.

How to Use:

The no-rinse Paw Cleaner uses waterless shampoo and a silicone brush head to eliminate dirt, it also helps to protect paws against bacteria and allergens, aiding in paw hygiene.  The vegan, cruelty free cleaner is the ultimate portable dog washer, simply use the pump to foam up the brush and rub onto your dog’s paws to remove dirt and bacteria. The Bugalugs paw cleaner is the first UK manufactured No Rinse Paw Cleaner with a soft silicone brush, and it’s made using Lake District water, making it one of the softest paw cleaners out there. The Bugalugs paw cleaner will leave your car and house looking spotless after those muddy walks and will leave your dog smelling great.

To get your own No Rinse Paw Cleaner, click here now. For any more information regarding this product just refer to our social media, where you can follow Max’s journey and see the product in action.

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