2024 Health Kick for You and Your Dog

2024 Health Kick for You and Your Dog

Helping Your Dog Feel Good on the Inside

Ensuring that your dog feels good is crucial for their overall well-being and quality of life. Just like humans, dogs can experience a range of physical and emotional issues that can affect their happiness and health. Here are some reasons why it’s important for your dog to feel good, and how supplements can play a role. Getting that 2024 health kick off to a good start!

  • How Can I Keep my Dog’s Skin and Coat Healthy? Supplements can contribute to your dog’s physical health by providing essential nutrients that may be lacking in their regular diet. For example, omega-3 fatty acids like those contained in the Bugalugs Salmon Oil and the Bugalugs Hemp Oil aid in supporting the skin and coat health. This is particularly important for pets with allergies or sensitive skin conditions.
  • Dog Joint Health: As dogs age, they may develop joint issues such as arthritis. Luckily Bugalugs have supplements that help to support joint health. The Deer Antler Powder, Salmon Oil and Hemp Oil help to maintain joint flexibility and aid in reducing inflammation, enhancing your dog’s mobility and comfort.
  • Dog Teeth and Gum Health: Teeth and gum health is often overlooked, yet it’s an important aspect of your dogs’ wellbeing. Your dog uses their mouth to explore, eat, play, and show affection; therefore, it is vital we help them take care of it. One way for us to do this is to incorporate the Bugalugs Plaque Remover into their diet. The Plaque Remover helps to fight plaque and tartar build up on the teeth; plaque and tartar build up can lead to infections in the mouth and therefore the removal of it will help us prevent this from happening. In the event an infection does occur we can use the Bugalugs Dental Spray to help combat any bacteria or fungus inside the mouth. The Dental Spray is Vet approved, clinically proven and is antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral.

Helping Your Dog Look Good

Our brand was born in the Lake District, a destination that not only defines our identity but also stands out as an ideal spot for delightful strolls with your canine companion. The scenic views provide an excellent setting for extended walks, invigorating hikes, and refreshing swims, offering the perfect opportunity to shape up for that 2024 health kick.

We’re proud of our roots and we’d love to share some of our favourite dog friendly walks with you, our valued customers.

Rydal Water (easy): Rydal Water is very picturesque and perfect for those wanting to remain on flatter ground. Expect to take some fantastic pictures with this walk and perhaps dip your toes or paws in Rydal water. This walk is close to Ambleside and begins at White Moss car park making it very accessible. The walk should take 1.5/2 hours to complete and is the perfect opportunity to get your 2024 health kick off to a good start as it is manageable for walkers of almost every skill level.

Walla Crag (medium): For a more elevated walk why not try Walla Crag? It’s situated very close to Keswick and will take you across rugged terrain for breath-taking views overlooking Derwent Water. Portions of this walk are a bit steep and therefore we’d recommend this for more experienced walkers or those who can manage steeper terrains. The walk should take 3-4.5hrs, so ensure you take some snacks and water for you and your pooch.

Cat Bells & Maiden Moor (Hard): For a more challenging walk we’d recommend Cat Bells and Maiden Moor circular. The terrain is rugged, uphill and steep in places; however the views over Derwent Water will make the hike worth it. This walk is recommend to more experienced walkers and will take around 4.5-6hr to complete, so make sure to take a snack and some water for you and your pooch.

How to Make Your Dog Smell Good

After your walk(s) be sure to freshen up and wash away mud, sand or debris from your dog’s paws and coat. This practice is crucial as the accumulation of mud on paws and coats can potentially lead to harmful infections. Regular cleaning helps maintain your dog’s hygiene and reduces the risk of health issues caused by external elements.

The Bugalugs Paw Cleaner is a great, handy solution to effectively washing paws on the go. The no-rinse formula comes with an attached silicone brush which is great for getting into all the nooks and crannies on paws. The paw cleaner is conveniently portable, fitting easily into backpacks, offering a practical on-the-go approach to maintaining your dog’s hygiene. Another excellent option is the Bugalugs wipes, which are also backpack-friendly. Their larger size proves handy for swiftly cleaning your dog before returning home post-walk. These fragrance-free, biodegradable wipes are versatile and safe for use all over the body.

For muddier walks a bath might be needed. In which case you can use any of our shampoos, these are all vegan, pH balanced, paraben free and are made with Lake District water which is one of the softest in the UK. All our shampoos have long-lasting scents, meaning your pet will be left feeling good and smelling great for days after use. For dogs that tend to roll in nasty things we have created the Stinky Dog shampoo which contains odour neutraliser and poo remover. Ensuring you’re covered if you’re dog ends up covered in anything nasty.


So there you have it, the perfect guide to starting a healthier and happier 2024. Feel good, look good and smell good with Bugalugs. We wish you a fantastic year and don’t forget to tag us in your 2024 adventures on social media.

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