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Bugalugs Pet Care Guide to a Pet Friendly Easter

Easter with Pets

Celebrating Easter is an exciting time for all the family, including your pet! Spring is upon us, the daffodils are in full bloom, the chocolate is plentiful, and the bank holidays are there for the touching – which means plenty of walks and pet friendly easter activities for our four-legged friends.

So, Bugalugs are here to offer some advice and help you (yes we’re talking to your pet now) have the best pet friendly Easter possible. OK, Pawrents take note:

Pet Friendly Easter Egg Hunt

So, we all know chocolate is toxic for dogs, and if you didn’t, you do now! Don’t feed your dog chocolate, this can cause stomach upset and can lead to costly vet visits. However, you’ll be happy to know, your pet can still get involved with easter egg hunts. At Bugalugs, we know your pet is as much part of the family as your children, so why wouldn’t they get involved with these fun family traditions?

Dog-Friendly Easter Recipes

Swap out chocolate eggs for peanut butter eggs. Peanut butter is safe for cats and dogs (in the right quantities) and is a tasty dog-friendly Easter treat for them.

Not sure where to start? it’s simple! Here let us help you:

  • Add your Bugalugs Peanut Butter and organic coconut oil to a microwavable bowl. Microwave for 60 seconds, or until fully melted.
  • Once melted pour the mixture into an egg-shaped mould of your choice.
  • Chill in the fridge until hardened.
  • Voila – serve in moderation to one lucky fur-baby.

With a nose like a dog’s nose, your fur-baby will be sure to win the Easter Egg Hunt hands down – no cheating now!

After the peanut butter indulgence, why not try our plaque remover or water additive to help keep teeth nice and clean? We know not every pet likes the same things so we have created an array of dental products, suited to even the fussiest of pets, which you can view here.

For the Pawrents we have a treat for you too – Get 20% off all your dogs favourite treats using code EASTER20 for 20% off – Valid until Sunday 7th March on orders over £20* – Shop HERE now.

Dog Friendly Easter Egg Hunt

Dog Friendly Easter Breaks

For those lucky enough to escape on an Easter break we have created the perfect go-to-guide on our Pet’s Pyjamas blog, which you can read here. From the Highlands of Scotland to the southern beaches of Cornwall, Pet’s Pyjamas have the perfect Dog-Friendly Easter Getaway for you. We may recommend a visit to the Lake District, the home of Bugalugs, a scenic getaway filled with dog-friendly pubs, restaurants, and beautiful walks for your fur-legged friend.

Staying Safe at Easter

Throughout the excitement of Easter, it’s important we keep our fur-babies safe. That means keeping chocolate out-of-reach!

Make sure all human Easter eggs are kept locked away and are out-of-reach from your pet. As we know, dogs and cats can be sneaky and they may get into your Easter egg, and although tasty for us, these are highly toxic to pets and can cause serious health issues. So, keep the chocolate for yourself, sound easy enough right?!

Another Easter tip is to keep Daffodils out-of-reach. Less-commonly known, Daffodils are toxic to dogs and if ingested can cause as much upset as chocolate. Even the water daffodils stand in can contain infused lycorine, so be careful with house Daffodils and keep a close eye on your dog whilst you’re out walking.

If you notice any vomiting, diarrhoea, erratic, shallow or rapid breathing, contact your vet immediately.

You’re all Set!

So, there you have it, your prepared for Easter celebrations, you have an Easter egg hunt, a getaway, and a guide on how to stay safe during the festivities. All that’s left to do now is to give your pawrent the puppy dog eyes and set the wheels in motion to have the best dog-friendly Easter ever! We’re so egg-sited to see your Easter posts on social media, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram and TikTok.

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  1. Cat Exotica says:

    Such a wonderful guide! Thanks for sharing these creative and safe ways to celebrate Easter with our furry friends. The dog-friendly egg hunt idea is brilliant!

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