Fleas and Ticks – The Guide

Fleas and Ticks are inevitable when you own a dog and keeping on top of them is part of the ‘Fur Baby’ package. That’s why here at Bugalugs we have a dedicated Flea and Tick shampoo, that can help you combat these little pests quickly and efficiently.

Why are Fleas and Ticks dangerous?

Fleas and ticks are particularly common in cats and dogs because their furry coats create the perfect environment for them to thrive. It’s important to act against fleas and ticks as they can cause allergic reactions and tick-borne illnesses to you and your pet.

Diseases as a result of Fleas and Ticks include: Lyme Disease, Ehrlichia, Tick Paralysis and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever etc. The severity of these illnesses can be as mild as low energy levels, to life threatening.

Luckily there are preventative measures and treatments that you can use, to ensure yours and your pet’s safety against these tiny little pests.

Warning signs to look out for

There are signs and symptoms that your pet may be dealing with fleas or ticks. Here are some warning signs to look out for:

  • Excessive itching – Ticks and Fleas cause excessive itching – causing your pet discomfort. Make sure that you check their coat/skin regularly and watch out for inflamed areas, hair loss or unusual patches.
  • Fleas can often be visible – Check your pet, spread their fur apart and look onto their skin. You might be able to see the fleas.
  • Be aware of any bumps/lumps – Ticks can sometimes be felt. Next time you are grooming your fur baby, make sure to check them over for any lumps or bumps under their fur.
  • Fever, Weakness and Loss of Appetite. – These are all symptoms of ticks. If your pet shows any of these symptoms, you should consult a Vet.

Preventative Measures and Treatment.

Preventing fleas and ticks should be an essential part of your Dog’s weekly/monthly routine. One of the easiest ways to prevent fleas and ticks from taking hold is to apply a preventative medicine between the shoulder blades of your pet. This should be done monthly. Please make sure to consult your Vet when choosing a suitable medicine for your dog, as they can vary in strength.

If you have been unsuccessful in preventing your pet from getting fleas or ticks, then there are some affordable treatments you can use. The Bugalugs Flea and Tick Shampoo combats fleas and ticks by washing them out of your Dog’s coat. The shampoo is deep cleansing and contains soothing oils to help calm your dog’s itchy skin. Bugalugs also have the Antiseptic Flea and Tick Bite Relief Spray, which is a clinically proven advanced formula. It utilises hypochlorous acid, nature’s disinfectant that is produced by your pet’s immune system as a natural response to combat infections. The spray has been dermatologically tested and is hypoallergenic; it aids in fighting bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The spray is gentle on skin, yet potent enough to kill all types of harmful pathogens and 99.99% of germs.

The soothing and natural bite relief spray provides your pet with instant relief from itchy, irritated & bitten skin. Simply spray the no rinse formula into the coat to combat sores created by pesky pests through effectively cleansing the skin and reducing inflammation.

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