National Love Your Pet Day

It’s National Love Your Pet Day, so what better way to start the day than to introduce you, our lovely customers, to the Bugalugs family pets?!

Max THE Bugalugs

A little about Max: Max is the face of our brand, he is the O.G. THE Bugalugs. You’ll recognise his face from the back of your favourite Bugalugs products. Max is a 7-year-old cocker spaniel, he loves cuddles on the sofa with his family, exploring the Lake District, stealing shoes and FOOD…lots of food. Max dislikes having his teeth brushed, hence, our brand-new dental range which doesn’t require brushing (Thanks Mum and Dad). He also dislikes his hoomans going places without him, so he makes frequent visits to Bugalugs HQ – with snacks – of course!

His favourite Bugalugs product: Max’s favourite Bugalugs product is the Dental Sticks. He WOOFS them and they keep his teeth clean without the need to brush – phew! Peanut butter is a close second, especially after his Mum made some yummy dog-friendly pancakes with it. In the words of Oliver, please can I have some more?!

Sarge The Silver Fox

A little about Sarge: You’ve probably seen Sarge on our social media, he often models our products and comes into Bugalugs HQ with his Mum Chelsea, our Marketing Executive. Sarge is a 2-year-old Silver Labrador and is truly a gentle giant. He loves cuddles, walks, treats and his ball. In fact, he’d probably trade his entire family for his ball. Sarge is a good boy and doesn’t make a peep unless the sweeping brush comes out, and then all hell breaks loose and he MUST run for his life, barking the house down as he flees.

His favourite Bugalugs product: Sarge’s favourite product is the Wild Lemongrass Deodorising Spray with Shed Control. He loves this product because it decreases his shedding which means the scary sweeping brush doesn’t have to come out as often.

Koda The Floof

A little about Koda: Koda is 7-year-old Red Border Collie. He often graces our social media with his majestic coat, if you’re wondering how his Mum, Mollie, our Social Media Manager, keeps it so clean then look no further than our Maxi White Shampoo, but more of that later. Koda loves going on long walks, watching football on TV and chasing after his ball. However, Sarge might give him a run for his money on the latter. Koda hates the hoover and loud noises, unless his team have scored a goal on the footie!

His favourite Bugalugs product: Koda loves the Maxi White shampoo because it keeps his coat clean and his white bits, well, white. He needs to be kept looking his best because at this present moment in time, he’s still single.


Baxter & Tyson (The Dyson) Brough

A little about Baxter & Tyson (the Dyson) Brough: Baxter is Choc lab – he’ll be 8 months on 28th Feb. He’s been with his Mum, Ami, our Marketing Manager, since he was 8 weeks old. He loves belly fusses and sitting on the back of the couch (much to his Mum’s dismay)! He dislikes getting brushed and the hoover – damn that darn hoover again!

Tyson (the Dyson) is staffie x bull-greyhound – he’s 8 years old. He was a rescue dog, therefore, not much is known about his birthday, so his birthday is celebrated on Christmas Day every year. He loves cuddles, being as close to his hoomans as possible and eating (thus, Tyson the Dyson). He dislikes long walks (cries all the way) and green food. No salads for this guy!

Their favourite Bugalugs product: A firm favourite for both pooches is the Dental Sticks. They’re not only tasty, but they also keep teeth sparkling, strong and healthy. Not to mention, they promote a fresher breath which means Mum, Ami, gets stink-free kisses. A Bonus for all we’d say! To see our whole Dental Range click here.



Cheeky Charlie

A little about Charlie: Charlie is a 3 year-old Cocker Spaniel. He loves going on long walks with his Mum, Vicky, our Group Management Accountant and chasing rabbits through the fields near his home. When Charlie is not hanging out with his bunny neighbours, he’s quite a shy boy and can get very nervous and anxious in situations. Luckily, the Bugalugs Hemp Oil really chills him out and aids him in his quest to be a social butterfly.


His favourite product: Charlies favourite product is the Hemp Oil. It keeps him chilled, relaxed and fighting fit with its 100% natural composition. The Hemp Oil is full of Omega 3,6 and 9 and Vitamins A, D and E making Charlie feel great on the inside and looking gorgeous on the out. Watch out ladies. Charlie also loves the Baby Fresh shampoo, which makes him smell amazing and leaves his coat fresh, clean and shiny. Baby Fresh is also his Mum’s favourite as it makes him smell like the fur baby he is.


Consuela The Snuggler


A little about Consuela: Consuela is a Romanian rescue, she’s 3 years old and came to the UK to live with her two Dads when she was about 6 months old. She loves laying in the sunshine or being curled up in a ball somewhere toasty and warm, she also likes to hide the occasional treat for later. Much like her Dad, Paul, our Business Development Executive, Consuela hates the rain and prefers staying in doors to snuggle up on the sofa.

Her favourite product: The Papaya and Coconut shampoo is a firm favourite in Consuela’s household. In fact, Dad, Paul, even steals it for his own hair! The Hemp Oil is a close second as it keeps Consuela calm, especially around Bonfire night which can be so scary!



Leo, Dottie and Obi – The Three Musketeers

A little About Them: Leo (the brown and white Jack Russell) is the oldest of the three, he loves treats but his favourite thing in the whole World is his ball. He’s not a big fan of the rain as it makes him smelly, luckily the Stinky Dog shampoo helps with this! Dottie (white and brown jackawawa) is a posh lady, she loves a warm comfy bed and will do anything for some food. She hates getting baths, but she’s fan of the paw cleaner, as is her brother, Owen, the Bugalugs Admin Assistant, as this means he doesn’t have to clean the floor after muddy, wet walks. Obi, also a Jackawawa, is the youngest, he is a fun, excitable dog that loves being active. Obi enjoys the water and loves having a bath in his favourite Lavender and Chamomile shampoo.

Their favourite products: Leo’s favourite product is the Stinky Dog shampoo. He loves this because he’s a little older than his brother and sister and therefore a little more smelly! He gets embarrassed about this, but the Stinky Dog shampoo contains odour neutraliser and makes him smell fantastic, giving him the confidence to be his cheeky self every day of the week. Dottie’s favourite product is the paw cleaner, this keeps her paws nice and clean without the need for water – which she hates! It also makes her paws smell great, so she can continue strutting her stuff and being the Lady of the house! Obi’s favourite product is the Lavender and Chamomile shampoo, this keeps him calm, relaxed and smelling fabulous.

Social Media

On today, National Love Your Pet Day, show your pet some love and treat them to a Bugalugs pamper. Of course, we’d love to see your ‘National Love Your Pet Day’ in action, so follow us on social media and tag us in your moments. We’re active on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

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