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NEW Maxi White Dog Shampoo: The most commonly asked questions

Have you tried our new Maxi White Dog Shampoo? Or maybe you wanted to buy but you weren’t sure about the product. Well keep reading to find out the answers to our most commonly asked questions about our new customer favourite Dog Shampoo.

Maxi White Dog Shampoo, what is it?

Bugalugs Maxi White Shampoo is our brand new colour enhancing dog shampoo! This gleaming shampoo has been formulated with natural ingredients to brighten whites and enhance the colour of ALL coat types. We would never miss a pup out at Bugalugs!

Named after the CEO of Bugalugs (Max) the Maxi White Shampoo will keep your dog’s coat bright & shiny – Just like Max after bath time! The key ingredients, pineapple & passionfruit, are responsible for this shine. This natural combination of these exotic fruits provides a hydrating shampoo formula, that will leave your dog’s coat stain free and looking glossier than ever

Speaking of this excellent combination… pineapple & passionfruit is what gives this shampoo it’s paw-fect scent. The fresh, exotic smell of this shampoo is reason enough to wash your pup from head to toe in it. The dog cuddles will be endless!

Questions you have asked about Maxi White Shampoo…

1. Does Maxi White Shampoo work on all coat types?

YES. Maxi White is formulated to brighten whites & enhance the colour of all coat types. The hydrating formula will give all coats a healthy shine and appear brighter. This even includes dark brown/black coats.

Brightens Whites & enhances the colour of all coat types image

2. Is this shampoo Vegan & cruelty free?

YES. All of Bugalugs products are vegan and cruelty free. Based in the UK Lake District Bugalugs Pet Care is a family-owned business that ensures all products are safe for use. Like our other shampoos, Maxi White Shampoo is also PH balanced, made in the UK & formulated using water from the UK’s Lake District.

3. Will this shampoo instantly make my dog’s coat brighter?

YES. One wash should show instant results, but we recommend continuous use for the ultimate shine! Especially if the dog’s coat is particularly stained or dull.

4. Do I need to leave the shampoo in the coat for longer?

NO. we recommend using the shampoo as you usually would. Simply soak the dog’s coat with warm water. Apply the shampoo, lather, rinse & dry for a fresh brightened coat.

5. What does it smell like?

Pineapple & Passionfruit. This shampoo is packed with pineapple & passionfruit creating an irresistible fruity scent!

6. Is there a matching Dog Perfume/ Dog Cologne / Dog Spray?

YES. Although our Pineapple & Passionfruit Cologne isn’t for brightening & enhancing colour, however the scent is the same as the shampoo. Simply spray the cologne on to the coat in between washes for a instant refresh and a longer lasting fragrance.

Try our Maxi White Shampoo today!

Summer is finally here & every pup wants to feel and look there best after long adventures!

Try our Maxi white Shampoo Now for just £8.99 (500ml) with a an easy-to-use reusable pump.

Koda & Maxi White Dog Shampoo Bottle

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