@puggsmalls and crew review of our vegan dog grooming products

BUGALUGS – An exciting range of quality vegan dog grooming products made with love in the UK

Recently Bugalugs’ vegan dog grooming products got a lovely review from @puggsmalls and crew and we decided to share the blog below so you can read all about it!


Bugalugs is a fun and exciting new pet grooming range, and we are thrilled to tell you all about it!

We were spoiled for choice when Bugalugs sent our pooches their whole range to try as each product has incredible benefits and they smell so good we just can’t get enough!

We have three lovely pooches, Puggy Smalls, Pops and Pomegranate. They are all so unique with different fur types and needs but Bugalugs is perfect as there is something for every dog and it’s all super affordable, never compromising on quality!


Puggsmalls and our Bugalugs one in a million shampoo

When it comes to our superstar boy, Puggy Smalls, only the best will do and naturally the One in a Million shampoo seemed like the perfect fit for him! Puggy has very thick, wiry, dense fur which tends to shed. He gets particularly fluffy in winter so it’s important for us to use a shampoo that gives a deep clean, whilst keeping his skin and coat nourished. The One in a Million shampoo is liquid gold and I’m not afraid to admit that I’m utterly obsessed. The texture is luxurious, and it lathers up well, meaning Puggy gets the thorough yet gentle clean he needs. It washes out easily and we have since noticed considerably less shedding and his fur seems much softer and brighter. With orange, nutmeg and lemon essential oils, the smell is delicate yet gorgeous and lasts for ages! To really finish things off though, we gave Puggy a spritz of One in a Million doggy cologne, but I must warn you – it will lead to uncontrollable cuddles and smooches! The doggy cologne is great to enhance the gorgeous smell after a wash, but it’s most beneficial to use in between washes to keep the coat glossy, refreshed and smelling divine.

Puggsmalls with our range of Bugalugs vegan dog grooming products

Pugs are prone to dry noses, so we were chuffed to find a pot of oatmeal nose and paw balm in the pamper hamper for us to try! Its ultra-smooth formula melts into your fingertips and soothes any cracked, dry noses and paws in record time!

Puggsmalls with Bugalugs nose and paw balm

Next up we have our dachshund diva, queen Pops!

Pops is a senior dachshund who loves to be pampered. In the winter, her coat can appear dull, and we always try to use gentle shampoos as she can be prone to flaky skin. Bugalugs Baby Fresh Shampoo ticks every box for her, and she is soft, glossy, flake free and smelling baby fresh! We top up the fragrance regularly with the Baby Fresh Cologne spray and we get compliments on how amazing she smells every day! This is a firm favourite in our household and it’s a product we will always keep handy in our dog cupboard for years to come!

Pops with Bugalugs Baby Fresh Shampoo and Cologne

Lastly, we have our naughty little tom boy, Miss Pomegranate.

She may look like the perfect pampered pooch with her long fluffy mane, but Pomegranate is known for her wild behaviour and will always find a puddle to splash in or a fox poo to roll in! This is when Bugalugs Stinky Dog odour neutralising shampoo comes to the rescue! After a walkies, we head straight to the bath to wash away Pomegranates sins. We have tried so many shampoos in the past to try to get rid of nasty smells, but this one really is the best we have tried. Its highly fragranced and eliminates bad smells rather than masking them. The lather is impressive and helps to deep clean every strand of hair and leaves Pomegranate thoroughly cleaned, refreshed, soft and fluffy! Although this shampoo is powerful in eradicating odours, its PH balanced, moisturising, and gentle enough to use regularly.

Pomegranate with Bugalugs Stinky Dog odour neutralising shampoo

We are also huge fans of the All in 1 Shampoo, which aims to clean, soothe, nourish, and reduce shedding, which is perfect for dogs like Pomegranate with long coats. It’s scented with wild lemongrass, so the smell is totally morish and we have noticed her fur seems fuller with less shedding around the house.

Of course, long haired pooches need a lot more grooming than dogs with short coats, so Pomegranate is brushed daily. We have been using the hydrating detangling spray and can’t believe what a difference it had made. Grooming takes half the time as any tangles are easily tamed, and with wheat protein it strengthens and repairs the coat leaving her looking and feeling a million dollars!

Pomegranate with Bugalugs Detangling Spray

There are a few products from the range that benefit all the dogs, including the 4 in one shampoo, colognes, paw balm and Lavender and camomile deodorising spray. Not only does this magic spray neutralise odours and keep all three dogs smelling delicious, but it keeps them calm and relaxed. It’s the perfect product for firework season and we make sure they feel safe and secure with blankets and snuggles and a little spritz of lavender and camomile which really helps to take the edge off.

Puggsmalls and Pops with the entire Bugalugs Range

Bugalugs entire range is impressive, and not only does it provide all round care for our fur babies but the whole range is PH balanced, paraben free, vegan, made in the UK and NEVER tested on animals.

We are so pleased we discovered this family run grooming brand, it’s fun, refreshing and does exactly what it sets out to do and it’s no surprise that Bugalugs is currently fastest selling dog care range in the UK.


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