Paw Safety

Keeping your dog’s paws healthy this winter.

The winter months can be treacherous for dog’s paws, so it’s important that us pawrents keep on top of their paw hygiene and ensure that they remain healthy throughout the winter.

Why is it important?

Dogs generally prefer the colder temperatures of winter as opposed to the temperatures we see in the summer. Therefore, the colder months can be great for long dog walks. However, pet parents need to be extra cautious in keeping their dog’s paws healthy this winter.

Why is this? Well, sharp ice can form in the winter which can cause nasty cuts to the dog’s paws. This can lead to infections and expensive vet visits, not to mention severe discomfort for your fur-baby. Furthermore, painful snow clumps can form in-between the toes and the fur around your dog’s feet, this can cause them discomfort and could lead to things like frostbite. In wintery conditions salt, grit or other ice-melting chemicals are usually spread across the roads to increase vehicle and shoe traction. This is great for melting the ice, but not so great for your dog’s paws! Ice melting chemicals can irritate the skin or lead to digestive upset if licked from the fur. Not to mention, your dog’s paws lack traction which could lead to slips or trips resulting in injuries to your pooch.

How can you help?

Luckily, there are ways to help your fur baby!

One of the easiest ways to protect your dog’s paws is to purchase dog snow boots or booties. They create an almost impenetrable barrier between your dog’s paw and the outside – giving the paws ultimate protection from the elements and any damaging chemicals on the ground. However, we realise that a lot of dogs do not tolerate booties well and they may try and bite or kick them off. Therefore, there are some other options for the fussier doggos out there!

The Bugalugs Paw Cleaner is great for cleaning paws and making sure that harmful nasties and dirt are washed away. This product is gentle on skin, it’s pH balanced, paraben free, and made with Lake District water which is one of the softest in the UK. It comes in 4 long-lasting scents, making your dogs paws smell delightful long after use.

After utilizing the Paw Cleaner, it is advisable to proceed with applying the Bugalugs Paw Balm for optimal paw care. The Paw Balm helps to lock in moisture and keeps the pads hydrated, preventing them from becoming dry or cracked. The Paw Balm also helps to create a protective barrier on paw pads, shielding them from harsh weather conditions and nasty ice-melting chemicals.

Embrace the winter chill without worry. Continue your outdoor adventures, play in those muddy puddles, and embrace a bit of mischief, all with the confidence that your dog’s paws are well-protected.

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