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Your guide to calming anxious dogs during bonfire night 2022

We at Bugalugs know that anxious dogs need some extra love and care especially during busy times such as bonfire night. The loud noises from the fireworks outside can be overwhelming for our little four-legged friends! All we want to do is cuddle them close and make sure they are at ease but many times we don’t know what we can do, and this can be frustrating and stressful for us owners too! Well, here at Bugalugs Pet Care we have conducted some research into small tasks you can do at home to help with calming anxious dogs from the comfort of your home! So, sit back and relax and get ready to take notes for bonfire night 2022.

Top Tip 1: Walk, walk, and walk again

Start counting those steps because top tip number one is certainly going to have you on your feet. Walking your dog during the day (particularly during nights such as bonfire night) will tire your dog out. Although your dog might not be the only one panting by the end of a long walk, walks outside are calming for your pup and allow them to have fun and relax so you can too when you have visitors around later that day. Granted this may calm your dog but if they have too much fun you may need to also grab our Stinky Dog Shampoo.

Top Tip 2: Get creative and build a safe space

Although they love a good human cuddle from time-to-time dogs need their space too – Particularly the anxious types. Whether it’s a whole room or just a dog bed with a few of their favourite toys your dog will feel more at ease with a space to run to.

Top Tip 3: Turn on the TV

Keep the TV or radio on to help keep your dog distracted. This particular tip is more relevant to bonfire night as the background noise will give them something to focus on rather than the loud noises outside.

Top Tip 4: Bone Appetite – feed your dog earlier

If you know you have a big day ahead, try and feed your dog earlier – if they become anxious, they may lose their appetite and there is nothing worse than a poor hangry dog. For nights such as bonfire night, you could even try food games or toys to keep them distracted – we personally recommend a snuffle mat!

Top Tip 5: Bath time should be earlier

If you plan on bathing your dog, we recommend doing it earlier on nights such as bonfire night or before the guests arrive. This will help your dog relax and feel comforted. Why not try our new Bugalugs Chamomile and Lavender 4 in 1 Shampoo for this step too. Formulated to calm and comfort your pups whilst also cleansing and conditioning their coat for the ultimate relaxation! You can also try our Lavender and Chamomile Deodorising Spray – perfect as an extra boost alongside our shampoo or spray directly on their coat or bedding if you don’t have time to bathe your dog – to keep them extra calm.


Calming Anxious Dogs During Busy Seasons


Top Tip 6: Stay Calm – YES, that means you!

Pop on the kettle and pour yourself a cup of tea too. We know that bonfire night can be worrying for us dog owners and our dogs can tell when something is up. Keeping as calm as possible will also help them keep calm too.

Remember if your dog gets extremely anxious or stressed to consult your vet!

We hope you and your pet have the most Pawfect festive period and remember to stay calm and relaxed!

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