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As dog lovers, we consistently strive to better the lives of our fur babies and that’s why here at Bugalugs we’ve introduced a new supplement range. Dietary supplements can have huge impacts on your dog’s health, but most of our customers are unaware of the benefits our dietary supplements have. This blog will help you ’get in the know!’

The Bugalugs Salmon Oil 

The Bugalugs Salmon Oil is 100% natural and sustainably sourced from the finest Scottish Salmon. This supplement is rich in omega 3, 6 and 9, which have been proven to improve the skin and coat on both cats and dogs. These natural oils also help reduce itching and make the cat/dog’s coat soft and glossy.

Furthermore, the omega 3 fatty acids docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosatetraenoic acid (EPA) are proven to be essentials for your pet’s normal physical and cognitive development. However, our beloved pet’s bodies don’t allow them to produce these essential fatty acids on their own. As a result, they must be consumed as part of a healthy nutritional diet and that’s where the Bugalugs Salmon Oil comes in. That’s not all this wonder product has to offer, it also aids in:

  • Joint movement and mobility
  • Boosts brain health and activity.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Improves food taste for fussy eaters.

The Bugalugs Salmon Oil is easy to use, and the recommended feeding guide can be found on the back of the bottle. Simply drizzle the correct amount of oil (as per the weight of your pet) onto the food and mix well.

The Bugalugs Deer Antler Powder

The Bugalugs Deer Antler Powder is 100% natural, grain free and cruelty free. This protein rich treat is full of healthy minerals that helps to support skin, coat, joints, and digestive health. Simply sprinkle the powder on top of your dog’s food by using the scooper provided. There’s an easy guide on the back of each tub with the recommended daily amount for your dog, depending on their weight.

The benefits of our Deer Antler Powder:

  • It contains amino acids which aids in decreasing the chance of cardiomyopathy in dogs (as stated on the PATS Telford website). Furthermore, amino acids have beneficial effects on the skin and may help with dermatological diseases in dogs. If that wasn’t enough, the amino acids ensure the production of hormones, the proper functioning of the nervous system, muscles, and metabolism.
  • Contains a high content of digestible protein.
  • Contains biologically active substances with exceptional regenerative properties.
  • Non-allergenic and non-immunogenic
  • Antioxidant properties.
  • Deer Antler Powder supports the proper functioning of the brain, it improves stamina, stimulates the immune system, and regenerates damaged tissue.

The Bugalugs Peanut Butter

Dogs go barking mad for the Bugalugs Peanut Butter! It’s 100% natural, protein rich and does not contain palm oil, xylitol, added sugar, or added salt. The Bugalugs Peanut Butter is 100% roasted peanuts, which is a great source of protein and healthy fats, not to mention dogs absolutely love it!

The healthy fats contained in peanut butter help to maintain healthy skin and improve dry and irritated skin and coats.  Peanut Butter also contains B3 which helps to break down fat and sugar into energy, helping boost energy levels. If that wasn’t enough, B3 also helps keep your dog’s digestive tract healthy, making it an ideal snack for dogs with a sensitive stomach. Although B3 is the most common vitamin found in peanut butter, it also contains a fair amount of Vitamin E which helps to regulate metabolism, whilst maintaining the health of the eyes, skin, and muscles.

The Bugalugs Peanut Butter is a complementary food for dogs, to be used as a treat or reward. The peanut butter can be spread on or into your dog’s chew toys or the Bugalugs Licking Mat as a boredom breaker. Always ensure that fresh water is available to your dog and always feed in moderation – a recommended feeding guide can be found on the back of the Peanut Butter Jar.

The Bugalugs Hemp Seed Oil

The Bugalugs Organic Hemp Seed Oil is a 100% natural supplement, enriched with omega 3, 6, 9 and Vitamins A, D and E. The hemp seed oil aids in keeping anxious pets calm during stressful situations, whilst also maintaining the immune system and promoting healthy joint and hip function.

This calming supplement for dogs, cats and pets helps to nourish dry and itchy skin, it reinvigorates the coat condition, assists in digestive health, and supports cognitive function and mood by alleviating stress related habits such as scratching. The Hemp Seed Oil can also help:

  • Calm dogs with separation anxiety
  • Calm destructive puppy habits
  • Keep your pet calm and relaxed

The Hemp Seed Oil supplement can be used alongside other dog supplements such as the Salmon Oil, Plaque Remover, Deer Antler Powder, and the Peanut Butter. This supplement is easy to administer, simply place the correct amount under your pet’s tongue or mix in with food/treats. Each bottle comes with a recommended dosage as per your pet’s weight.

The Bugalugs Plaque Remover

Our dogs explore the world with their nose and mouth; therefore, it’s important to keep on top of their oral hygiene. The Bugalugs Plaque Remover is created from hand harvested Irish seaweed, it’s 100% natural and helps to remove plaque and tartar build up. This supplement is suitable for both cats and dogs. The plaque remover is a rich source of calcium, vitamins and minerals which helps support healthy teeth and gums, whilst also promoting fresh breath – which is a bonus for their pawrents!

The Bugalugs Plaque Remover is easy to use, simply sprinkle the recommended amount into your dog’s daily meal using the spoon provided. The recommended portion sizes can be found on the back of the tub. With continuous use, you should be able to see results within 3-8 weeks.

This product is not only great for your pet’s teeth, but it also has other benefits:

  • Help to ensure a healthy balanced diet.
  • Assists your pet with gas and digestion.
  • Helps to keep your pet’s skin and coat healthy.
  • Aids in supporting your pet’s immune system.

The Bugalugs Plaque Remover can be used on all dogs over 8 weeks; however, it is not recommended to use this product if your pet has a thyroid condition.

Flaxseed Oil

Are you searching for a vegan alternative to Salmon Oil? Then look no further!

Flaxseed Oil is a great Vegan alternative to other Omega 3, 6 and 9 supplements like Salmon Oil. Omega 3, 6 and 9 should be an essential part of your pet’s diet. This helps reduce inflammation in the joints which helps with conditions like arthritis, improves brain functioning, skin and coat conditions, and it reduces the risk of heart disease. However, we know some dogs and cats can have sensitivities to fish and therefore, the Flaxseed Oil is a great way for your pet to get the nutrients they need from Omega 3, 6 and 9 without consuming the fish-based product. Flaxseed Oil also contains other vitamins and minerals that aids digestion, making it beneficial for dogs and cats with digestion issues like constipation.

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